I won the raffle, how do I make a purchase?

Here are the detailed instructions on how to make a purchase if you win the raffle.

■ For regular item rewards
After checking the raffle results by clicking on [Check raffle result], customers can proceed to the purchase page by clicking [Proceed to checkout].
■ For other purchasing methods
Please follow the instructions provided on the raffle event page, as the purchasing process may vary depending on the raffle item.

※ If there are multiple options exist, the raffle item can only be purchased in the option you applied for.
※ Participants can only verify their results within 72 hours after the announcement, and Winners are required to make a purchase within 72 hours of confirming their winning results.
※ Raffle items are limited edition and cannot be exchanged.
※ The purchase period cannot be extended. If not collected during the specified timeframe, the reward will be canceled.
※ Cancellation after purchase is not possible.
※ If the country registered upon entering the raffle is different from the country shipping address at the time of purchase, your order may be canceled.