What is Point?

Point is a rewards program introduced on August 21, 2023, by MUSINSA GLOBAL, where you can earn points on your purchases and use them as a form of payment for future orders. By accumulating Points, you can enjoy discounts and benefits on your shopping experience at MUSINSA.

The expected points to be received before placing an order can be checked at the bottom of the cart page under [Total]. After placing an order, the expected points for each order can be checked under [Total] at the bottom of [My Account] → [ORDER DETAILS] or in the [Items ordered] section of the order confirmation email.

※ Important notes for accumulation and usage
- Points cannot be retroactively applied to orders made before the introduction of the points program.
- 1 Point is accumulated per 1 USD based on the actual paid amount excluding shipping fees, customs duties, product discounts, and promo code applied amounts.
- When using points, 100 points can be converted and used for a value of 1 USD. For currencies other than USD, points are accumulated and used at a corresponding ratio to the USD value.
- Points can be used in conjunction with promo code discounts.
- Points are not immediately accumulated upon you receive the item(s) but are credited at 01:00 A.M. KST, 7 days after the delivery status changes to [Delivered] following the completion of item(s) delivery.
- The validity of points earned is 12 months from the date they are credited from orders, but varies depending on point categories such as events, reimbursement, etc. Please refer to the [Due to expire] section in [My Points] for the expiration date of each point you have earned.
- Once expired, points cannot be reinstated.

For additional detailed information and guidance, you can refer to the FAQ section at the bottom of [MY] → [MY Points]