[Suspension of sales and refund process for 247 SEOUL cashmere and PETIT HALF scarves]

Dear Valued Customers,

This is MUSINSA GLOBAL. We have an important announcement to make concerning 247 SEOUL's cashmere scarf products.

MUSINSA GLOBAL has identified that two products from 247 SEOUL, specifically a Cashmere Scarf, a Premium Cashmere Scarf, and a PETIT HALF Scarf, contained inaccurate information about their fiber composition. In response, we promptly removed these products from sale on our website.

To address any inconvenience that this may have caused our valued customers, who have placed their trust in MUSINSA GLOBAL and purchased these products from us, we are in the process of issuing refunds for past orders.

If you have purchased any of the aforementioned products and wish to initiate a refund, please don't hesitate to contact our Help Center. We will swiftly assist you with your request.

This incident will serve as a lesson, and we are committed to enhancing our oversight of the products available on MUSINSA GLOBAL, ensuring a more trustworthy shopping experience for all our customers.

Thank you for your understanding.