How long will it take for my order to arrive?

From order completion (payment) to delivery completion, it typically takes an average of 7-14 business days.

- United States: 8-10 days
- Canada: 7-9 days
- Thailand: 10-12 days
- Singapore: 9-11 days
- Hong Kong/ Taiwan: 7-12 days
- Other Southeast Asian countries(Indonesia/ Malaysia/ The Philippines/ Vietnam): 7-14 days
- Australia: 10-15 days
- New Zealand: 9-12 days

The estimated durations for each delivery stage are as follows, based on business days:

■ Preparing order/Dispatched
- The order is confirmed and processed by the brand to arrive at MUSINSA Logistic Center located in Korea.
- Approximately 3 business days

■ Shipped/Out of Delivery
- Delivery starts from MUSINSA Logistic Center to local delivery in progress
- Approximately 4-10 business days
- Please note that the duration for this stage may vary depending on the destination country.

※ Important Notes:
- The estimated durations mentioned above exclude weekends and Korean holidays. In case your order coincides with Korean holidays, the [Preparing order/Dispatched] process may take longer than notified. For additional details regarding Korean holidays, please refer to [FAQ] → [Monthly operating hours and closures for the Global Help Center].
- Delays may occur during customs clearance or the delivery process due to the specific country's customs and local delivery service.
- When ordering large quantities of items at once, it may take slightly longer for customs clearance than the average duration.

We at MUSINSA will do our best to minimize potential delays.