What should I do if my order is marked as delivered but I haven't received my items?

If the shipping status is marked as "delivered", but you have not received the item, please consider the following possibilities:

- Check if the delivery address was entered correctly.
- Look for a door tag or any notes left during an attempted delivery when you were absent.
- Check common areas such as parcel lockers, mailboxes, in front of the door, or a security office.
- See if one of your neighbors, family members, or friends accepted the package on your behalf.
- Contact the local delivery company or the delivery driver directly, as the item may still be in their possession.

※ If detailed tracking information indicates the package was delivered in front of door of the provided address, you'll need to look for the package yourself. Unfortunately, MUSINSA cannot provide compensation for the loss when it is stolen. If you wish to receive the package in person, please ensure you contact the local delivery partner and schedule the delivery in advance.
※ If you suspect the package is lost, reach out to the local delivery partner and our Help Center within 7 days of the delivery completion date.