How do I track my order?

You can check the delivery status for each item by going to [My account] → [My orders] → [Track order].
Here is a detailed explanation of the delivery status:

- Order Placed: Your payment has been successfully completed, and the order information is being transmitted to the brand. At this stage, the brand has not yet confirmed the order, so you can still cancel the order or change the shipping address.

- Preparing Order: The brand is confirming the order and preparing the items for shipment.

- Dispatched: The items have been shipped from the brand's facility to the MUSINSA Logistics Center.

- Shipped: The items have been dispatched for international shipping (by air).

- Out for delivery: The items have arrived in your country and are currently being delivered locally. You can view detailed local delivery information by clicking on [View details].

- Delivered: The items have been successfully delivered.