How do I fill out the order form?

Please take note of the following when filling out recipient information when placing an order.

Please double check whether all the information below is correct before you place an order because customs clearance is only available if the following information is all correctly filled out.
-Name of recipient: ""Last name"", ""First name"" must all be legal names
-Shipping address: Address details such as building and apartment number must all be precise.
-Contacts: Your contacts must be real, precise, and reachable

If information regarding delivery is unclear, we may send a request for extra information through your registered email address.
Please note that if your information is not corrected for a long time so that your items are deferred during the customs clearance, items will be returned or disposed, and a refund will be made excluding the shipping fee.

If you need to edit your information after placing an order, please do not hesitate to contact our Help Center.